Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Changes in Del Norte and the Benefits of Buying Local

With the Wild Rivers Market and the Front Street Seafood Market both opening in these past few weeks, Del Norte has made some big improvements to their food system. Front Street Seafood opened after months of anticipation, which means there is finally place in the community where you can go and buy fresh, local fish. The Wild Rivers Market is the new location of Harvest Natural Foods, which has expanded to sell local grass-fed meats, local produce, and a variety of other healthy products.

Just as a reminder, buying locally is important for many reasons. First off, it is both more fresh and nutritious than other products in the store, since it has not been shipped from thousands of miles away. Also, it is beneficial to the environment as there is not much transportation involved, and farmers generally use less pesticides. In addition to that, it generates more money in the community and helps to improve the local economy.

These 2 additions to the community are 2 big steps in improving the health of Del Norte County. They are able to give people more options and more opportunities to make healthier choices. So make sure to go out and support these local businesses!

Wild Rivers Market is located at 450 M Street and Front Street Seafood Market is located at 400 Front Street.