Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eating and Living Healthy with FIRST 5 Del Norte

We'd like to welcome First 5 Del Norte to our blog! First 5 will be a regular monthly contributor to Growing Tables, providing food and nutrition information for the 0 to 5 year old set. Their first post, as you will see, contains valuable information for us all:

A key to eating right is knowing how much food you and your children should eat at mealtimes. That's why we've included a picture of an ideal plate to help you determine healthy portion sizes, which can be very simple.  When sitting down to a meal, divide your plate into three sections. Fill half of your plate with fruits and/or vegetables. Then fill a quarter of your plate with healthy protein, and the last quarter of your plate with healthy carbohydrates. If you're still hungry, eat more fruits and vegetables. Daily physical activity is an important part of a child's healthy lifestyle. When parents exercise with their children, they become role models for them and get healthier, too! 
Always consult your primary care provider for your child's individual dietary needs, including feeding charts and allergies.


First 5 has partnered with respected certified nutritionist, mother and TV personality, Chef LaLa, in addressing a leading health problem in our state – childhood obesity. Currently 1 in 3 children in California is overweight or at risk of becoming overweight.  First 5 Del Norte has posted its Recipe of the Week in the kitchen of the Family Resource Center.  The recipes featured will empower families to make better food choices for their children, cook together as a family and develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Stop by the Del Norte Family Resource Center and get a free recipe card featuring a healthy meal that you and your family will have fun making!

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