Friday, December 16, 2011

Support Crescent Elk students, buy a rosemary wreath!

Crescent Elk Middle School is not only home to our mighty Cougars, it has a popular and fun Garden Club.

The club is hosted by Seventh Grade Science teacher Joe Gillespie that pulls from years of experience as an avid gardener and lover of nature. It is a real treat to go down the Middle School and see all the youth so excited about caring for the vegetables and flowers, and trying new gardening practices.

The garden is a well known cornerstone of the school. Just last year, Crescent Elk’s garden was able to produce 30 pounds of broccoli that was served at lunch throughout the school district. But if you were to go to the garden, you would see that isn’t broccoli, lettuce, or chard that make up the majority of the garden. Proud and beautiful rosemary bushes adorn the back and outer perimeter of the garden granting the garden a pleasant aroma and a good wind breaker.

“Why so much rosemary?” you might ask. One reason: because the Garden Club wants to save the world.

Every winter, the Garden Club trims back the Rosemary bushes to create these beautiful rosemary wreaths which they sell to school district employees and the community at large.

The donations do not go to the Garden, but instead to Heifer International. Heifer International works to empower impoverished communities by giving families livestock such as sheep or a goat. In small, rural, impoverished areas of the world, livestock are a true commodity. Livestock serves two purposes: to help end hunger and empower economies. Agricultural goods are still currency, and so by buying a $150 Llama (for example) you are giving a family and community a way to trade, live, and provide for their young ones. If you wish to learn more about Heifer International, please visit their website:

So, make time today, go to Crescent City Ray’s between 3:30pm and 6pm and support the Garden Club. Buy a wreath, and help a family have a means to support itself this next year. $15 goes pretty far in our world!

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