Friday, April 6, 2012

Fare Thee Well, Food Blog

This is the last post of our "40 Days of Blog For Lent." Well done, Laura and Angela, and I'm well aware that that is definitely not the name of our Lent blog-streak.  Not only is it my last blog post, but it's my last action as CAN's First 5 ServiceCorps VISTA, which means that today is my last day as a VISTA for CAN.  I will be extending my service as a VISTA, but I'll be moving on to new work up in Gasquet, CA with First 5 Del Norte.

I've never been a man of many words, so as succinctly as I can put it: This year of work has changed my life, and changed who I am, undoubtedly for the better.  I continue to be amazed that one year of work can so drastically change my previous perspective of a community, a perspective which had been cultivated over the previous 23 years of my life.

Most importantly, I want to thank Angela Glore, my supervisor and friend.  Credit where credit is due: every single accomplishment of my last year should have a footnote to give Angela recognition for the unwavering support she has given me in the work I've done.  The knowledge and experience I've learned from Angela will always be useful and always be carried with me.  She is a true friend and a true asset to this community.  Thank you Dr. Glore.

Ok, that wasn't really succinct at all.  But c'mon, it's been a year!

Anyways, I've decided to encapsulate my last year of VISTA service in the form of poetry, the ancient and often-overlooked form of Haiku:

1. Wellness Center Garden Build Day
    Fire Baptism
    Community Organized
    Inspiring Work

2. Homeless Prevention Alliance
    A Lot of Meetings
    First Elected Position!
    Help Those Who Need Help

3. Del Norte Community Gleaning Project (also here)
    My Best Work, I Think
    Keeping The Best Food Local
    Fresh For You, And Them

4. "Healthy Starts" Community Garden Conference
   It's Diff On The Flip
   Hmong Woman Torched A Squirrel
   Conferences, So Fun!

5. "American Community Gardening Association" Conference (also here [thanks Hegelmeyer!])
   Great Trip To New York
   Seriously... Conferences!
   Alone, Made VISTA Worth It

6. Point In Time Count
    Surprised It Was Such-
    -A Learning Experience
    Truly Hope It Helped

7.  Gasquet Community Orchard Planting
     Looks To The Future
     Plant Now For Fruit, Years Ahead
     Gasquet, Here I Come!

8. Gasquet Community Garden Build Day
    Cut My Teeth On This
    Hung With My New VISTA Buds
    I Miss Those Faces

9. Growing Up Gardens Sub-Committee
    Honestly, Rough Start
    My Second Elected Post!
    Awesome Potential!

10. Elk Valley Community Garden
    These People Inspire Me
    Just Go Take A Look!

I hope you've enjoyed these last 40 days of blogging, and if you've learned something, tried something, thought about something, or read something new, then we've done our job, and I sincerely hope you will continue to read this blog.  Posts won't always be as frequent, but they will always be worthwhile!

Connor Michael Caldwell


Dustin o said...

Nice poems dude
Time flys when you help
Cc will miss you

Grant and Patty said...

Thank you for your caring
and your service to the our community.
We like the poetry medium, too.

Best, Grant and Patty

Chad said...

New York was legit
Even though I proved to be
A huge beverage snob

But seriously, nice work this year and nice haiku. It's been a pleasure workin' with ya.

Growing Tables Admin said...

Connor is leaving
His work and thoughts will be missed
The work continues

Thank you for your words
Appreciation goes far
Stay with us for more