Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Field Day-Fundraiser for the Pool

Joe Gillespie and Alessandro Broido are organizing a Field Day in conjunction with the Run to the Pool Fundraiser on Sunday June 10th. The idea is to recruit youth to raise money vie pledge forms that they will submit at the Field Day, thereby rewarding them with a day of fun in the sun. They are planning on having several games activities including volleyball, kickball, soccer, relay races, scavenger hunt, disc golf, hoola hoops, stilts, and more. First Five will also be there with the Wonder Bus.

Through this event they really hope to promote health and well-being with outdoor activities while supporting one of the most valued exercise venues of Crescent City, the Fred Endert Municipal Pool.

They'd like to invite any other fundraising of promotional ideas as well as people who'd like to help facilitate games the day of the event. Contact Alessandro with ideas or for more information:

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