Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Food Day Planning

Food Day is quickly approaching this year on October 24th. For those not familiar, Food Day is a nationwide celebration dedicated to healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. The goal is strengthen the food movement and make changes to our food system in America.

Our food system is in need of improvements and changes have already begun. Moving away from highly processed foods and changing to fresh, whole foods is becoming increasingly popular. Celebrating this trend and promoting it is what Food Day is all about. More information can be found here: http://www.foodday.org/about.

Members of The Community Food Council for Del Norte County and Adjacent Tribal Lands are already organizing  activities for the entire week in Del Norte County. Some plans include having authors come and do book signings, doing garden tours, having a "Meatless Monday" demonstration, doing cook-offs, having a film festival, a "Teen Dinner," and many more ideas. They plan on having the whole week booked! If anyone has any ideas or would like to get involved in the planning process leave a comment or email Brian Quilty at bquilty@dnfrc.org. Anyone is welcome and the more people that want to join the better.

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