Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Continuing with the Pruning...

A few weeks ago, at the start of our 40-day blog-a-thon for Lent, I did a post about pruning fruit trees, weddings, and why the two were occupying the same space in my mind.  I started research into pruning for a few reasons: it's a new skill, and I always want to learn new things; there was an upcoming wedding at my house, and the fruit trees needed to look immaculate; and I recently organized a work day to plant an entire orchard at Mountain School in Gasquet, and pruning first-year saplings is a crucial practice.

Since my post, I've been able to address two of my reasons for research, and I'm working on the third.  I've been reading up and I feel like I have a decent grasp on the basics of pruning, and I've already gone around my property and pruned the rose bushes and a Dogwood sapling that I planted last Autumn.  In preparation for the wedding, I had an experienced friend come out and go to work on the fruit trees, ensuring a contented bride.  And as for the orchard in Gasquet, well that's the next step.

Next Tuesday, the 27th, there will be a free workshop, for anyone who is interested, at the orchard at Mountain School in Gasquet.  Deborah Giraud, an orchardist from UC Cooperative Extension in Eureka, will be there to demonstrate proper pruning techniques, and we'll go through the orchard until every one of those fruit trees is ready for the Spring!  This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in fruit tree maintenance to come and learn from an expert about how to treat your trees and how to master the basics of the art of pruning.  If you're a Gasquet resident, this is also the perfect chance for you to check out the Gasquet Community Garden and get involved with the progress that's underway!

The workshop will start at 2:30, which I know is a prohibitive time for a lot of people, but we would love it for anyone to make it out at any time that afternoon that they can manage.  As for those who can't make it, I'll follow up the event with another blog post, detailing the turnout and sharing some of the new skills I learned.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at or 464-9190.  Deborah and I will be out there working on those trees, rain or shine, but if the rain keeps you indoors, we'll understand; just remember to check the blog for the follow-up coverage!

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