Sunday, March 25, 2012

Food Freshness-IQ

screen shot from the freshness-iq quiz

We talked recently about food storage and preservation, and being a part of the process instead of handing everything over to modern technology. Well, Sub-Zero, the giant of food preservation and refrigeration systems would argue that there is a way, that they have the technology to keep your food at it's freshest . I am not here to advertise for them or take a stance against their product. Simply put, I know I couldn't afford such a system, and I find the more idyllic, affordable and energy efficient root cellar to be more appealing to my romantic sensibilities. But what they did was put out an interactive quiz to test you on what you know about food storage. Do you know what ethylene gas is, which fruits emit it, which vegetables are sensitive to it? Do you know what kind of atmospheric conditions your tomatoes need to stay fresh? Take this quiz to see what you know. And even better? Every quiz completed earns a dollar for Food Corps, an AmeriCorps program that works specifically to gain food insecure youth access to fresh, nutritonal foods. Food Corps volunteers do this by delivering hands on nutrition education, building and tending school gardens and bringing high quality local foods into public school cafeterias.


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