Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Unplugging and Undoing

Committing to forty blogs for the forty days of Lent has confirmed it for me. There's a day for everything, and every day has a thing. There was World Water Day and Crab Meat Day and International Women's Day that we blogged about. There was Spinach Day and Reagan's Frozen Foods Day that we didn't. Some days seem more poignant than others.

I found another day, National Day of Unplugging. The third annual event occured this past weekend.  The idea was to have a day of rest from wired, plugged-in living. It's no coincidence that it occurs during the sabbath of some religious traditions: from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. This sort of sabbath is directed at any modern gal or guy addicted to technology and wanting slow down for a bit, religious affiliations aside. Sabbath Manifesto and UNDO promote a weekly 'sabbath' like this, to encourage us to process the passing week and engage with the living and the breathing. There are ten principles, they say, to follow for a successful day off the grid. Among them, are "connect with loved ones, "nuture your health," get outside," "drink wine," "eat bread," "give back."

It's a lovely way to slow down and enjoy life. To enjoy nature and anothers company. To enjoy food. Every week UNDO posts suggestions for how to spend your day of rest. Last week they suggested sharing a plate of cookies with a neighbor you never speak to, asking a stranger what was the worst date they'd ever been on, making a meal using local produce and at least one unfamiliar ingredient. They even suggest outtings and events specific to New York, L.A. and San Fransisco.

theundolist.com suggested trying an unfamiliar fruit or vegetable last week
I didn't directly participate in this year's national event (aside from not having internet connection at my house). I left my phone on, answered a few calls, a few texts. But maybe this weekend. Maybe I'll turn off my phone and have a picnic - there's plenty of nature to enjoy in these parts!

If you have any ideas about how to unplug and enjoy food and community in Del Norte this weekend - sound off!

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