Friday, March 9, 2012

Crab, Sourdough, and.... Days

This post was inspired by my two co-workers, Angela Glore and Laura Jo Welter.  Yesterday, Angela wrote a fantastic post about a day that is truly worth recognition, International Women's Day; and today, Laura Jo was nice enough to share a fun idea when I was looking for a topic for today's post. 

Have "days" always been a thing? I don't mean that as in weekdays like Monday, Tuesday, etc., but having each day of the calendar year be a designated appreciation day, has it always been like this? Of course there has always been the big ones: Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, Labor Day; but growing up, I can't remember all the other days having some sort of recognition attached.  Lately I've been noticing that, if you care to look it up, each day of the year has a plethora of "holidays" attached to it.  For instance, today is National Crab Meat Day, and if you do a little light Googling, you'll find out March 9th is also the day to celebrate "Learn What Your Name Means Day," "Panic Day," and "Registered Dietician Day."  I don't know what to make of this trend in day-designation, but I, for one, love it!

I choose to think that this trend exists for the simple fact that there is so much stuff in the world to appreciate that we can't waste a single day not being grateful for something.  And today that something is crab meat, a celebration I fully endorse.  We are still in the middle of crab season here in Del Norte, and even though we had a late start, some of the crabs that have been coming in are the biggest I've seen in years.  I recommend you observe this holiday and go down to the harbor and get some crab from Alber's and enjoy your Friday night with some fresh Del Norte crab!  If you're like me, you enjoy crab the most with some melted butter, cocktail sauce, sourdough, and beer or wine.

Speaking of sourdough, I've continued my venture in the world of baking with a couple of loaves of sourdough made with a fresh sourdough starter.  I blogged earlier this week about keeping a sourdough starter healthy (Sourdough), and on Wednesday night I used the starter to bake two loaves for the monthly Ferment Del Norte meeting.

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