Saturday, November 9, 2013

Food In Del Norte

We are not a big city. We don't have celebrity chefs opening up Michelin-starred restaurants on every other corner. But we have our hidden gems and I had the great pleasure to eat at one of them tonight. 

My wedding anniversary was last month and I was here in Del Norte County and my husband was on the other side of the country. So now that we're both here, we attended the beer-maker's dinner at the Historic Requa Inn as a late anniversary splurge.

It was eight small courses of complete deliciousness, with surprises on almost every plate. Like the beans in the sixth course. How can beans taste that good and be so creamy? Or the pureed squash in the third course that was served with savory meringues? 

If you live in Del Norte and can afford a once-a-year splurge, there is nowhere better to splurge that the Requa for one of their tasting dinners. And if you don't live in Del Norte, it is worth the trip. The inn has rooms overlooking the beautiful Klamath River near its mouth. It's a lovely place to stay, and the tasting dinners will rival anything you've eaten anywhere.

Chefs Thomas Wortman and Paul Hess outdid themselves tonight and if it weren't for my self-imposed obligation to blog today, I would still be in a complete fog of food happiness. Truly, it was a meal to remember.

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