Friday, November 1, 2013

It's That Time Of Year...

Each November for many years now has brought National Blog Posting Month, in which hundreds, thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of bloggers commit themselves to blog every day for a month. We blogged every day for Lent a few years ago, but Growing Tables has never participated in NaBloPoMo.

Until now.

This month, we will blog every day. It will be fun. For you, at least, I hope.

Probably, you have a calendar you can follow along with as we blog through November, but you might not have a calendar for next year yet. If that's the case, let me recommend that you find yourself a copy of the new 2014 Humboldt CAFF calendars! Each year, the Community Alliance with Family Farmers creates a spectacular calendar of photographs by the great Chris Wisner. Chris has an eye for capturing the beauty of produce and farms and this year's photos are no different. 

What is different is that he captured two Del Norte farms for the 2014 photo shoot. Alexandre Eco-Dairy and Ocean Air Farms are both featured in the calendar and CAFF is currently working to find Del Norte outlets to sell the calendar so we can all hang it on our walls. As soon as outlets are confirmed, we'll post it here.

Enjoy November!

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