Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's Cooking?

Today's post is easy: What's on your menu tomorrow? 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and a day to remember all the people, events, places, and things we are thankful for this year. Today is for planning; checking lists, dashing off for last-minute forgotten items, maybe starting some prep work.

So what are you cooking tomorrow?

I'll go first. 

Number of people: Six, including two children 7 and under

Location: My newly-borrowed house

Highlights of the menu: For a variety of reasons, we're doing small plates this year instead of one big feed. Thanks to the coming together of Thanksgiving and Chanukah, we'll be starting with an appetizer of latkes (potato pancakes) served with cranberry-orange sauce, sour cream, and a little smoked salmon for those who want to indulge. Both children are very fond of cheese, so we'll be having a cheese and fruit course somewhere during the afternoon. I've got an impressive haul of cheeses thanks to Rumiano's, Face Rock Creamery in Bandon, and a gifted round of Humboldt Fog. Apples, grapes, and bread will round that out. 

Dessert: This is a highlight for many people. I had planned to make an apple pie with a cheddar cheese crust in honor of my nephew, but my own child vetoed that plan. Instead, we are having a pumpkin-praline pie courtesy of Vita Cucina and making a chocolate ganache pie with a Biscoff cookie crust. (I'll be breaking all the rules and boiling a can for a couple hours this afternoon to make dulce de leche to stir into whipped cream tomorrow.)

You don't need to use these categories, but we'd love to know what you're cooking if you'd leave us a comment!


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow Dave and I will probably eat something simple like quesadillas since we won't be celebrating Thanksgiving until Saturday. We should be eleven people then for dinner -- our niece and her husband from Pittsburgh cancelled due to the weather.

We will be doing the whole tradition. I didn't order a turkey and ended up with a 25 pound one! But it is all natural and humanely raised. Dave will make a seitan roast for the vegetagians.

With our salad course we will add pumpkin sage rugalach in honor of Hannukah.

And we will be missing our daughters and their families but thankful that they are with friends and that they are great cooks too.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,


Growing Tables Admin said...

Sounds lovely! I'm completely intrigued by the savory rugalach. Are you making that up or did you find an actual recipe for it?

This daughter and her family are missing you, too. Last year's frequent holiday sightings were awfully nice.