Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Redwoods? Wild Rivers? Both?

I spent today at a Rural Tourism Studio run by Travel Oregon. Today's workshop focused on culinary and agritourism and is part of a four-month series of trainings run by the destination development branch of Travel Oregon. It was a great day and I'm looking forward to going back for more over the next few months.

Today, though, clarified in my mind a big question for our region: redwoods or wild rivers or both? The southern Oregon and far northern California coast is often marketed at the Wild Rivers Coast, running from Bandon, OR, to Klamath, CA, more or less. Del Norte County and Humboldt County, CA are often referred to together as the Redwood Coast or the North Coast or the Redwood Region. Del Norte is very firmly placed in both regions: we have great redwood forests and beautiful wild rivers.

In marketing our area, do we look north to Oregon or south to Humboldt? Or do we try to position ourselves as a gateway to both regions? Some links already exist to both regions. 

(There were other ideas and questions and inspiration and collaboration that came out of today's workshop, but it was a long day, and everything else will have to wait.)

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