Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Healthy Food, Healthy Kid

Most parents, at one time or another, struggle with getting their kids to eat the "right" foods. Maybe your kid will eat strawberries by the dozen, but won't touch a vegetable. Or maybe your kid will eat any vegetable as long as it's drowned in cheese sauce. Or maybe your kid won't eat anything but cheerios, three meals a day.

We all know -- and some of us have -- kids who aren't interested in eating anything that comes by vitamins, minerals, or fiber naturally. So what do you do? There are as many different approaches as there are parents. Some go for a three bite rule, others require a clean plate.

Yesterday in the New York Times, the Motherlode column addressed these questions. How, asked KJ Dell'Antonia, do you define a "healthy eater" and how to do you raise one? Plenty of parents chimed in with suggestions and stories. The ones I find comforting are those whose children will eat anything as adults no matter how restricted their food choices were as a child. 

How did you raise or are you raising your healthy eater?

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