Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Full Menu

I have a short list of more serious topics that are waiting for posts, but given the holiday weekend, it seems better to stick with less weighty matters for now. So having teased with last night's post about our dinner at the Requa Inn, I thought I'd post the full menu for your enjoyment. This is fine dining at its finest, with local ingredients, many foraged by the chefs, highlighted to bring out their best.

First:  Alaskan halibut, crispy nori and herbs, wild rice

Second: Smoked trout, beetroot, chanterelle

Third: Kuri squash, chevre, pepperwood

Fourth: Chestnut tart, exotic fruits

Fifth: Matsutake mushroom, stinging nettle, smoked sturgeon

Sixth: Glazed sweet potato (elk for meat-eaters), canario beans, cherries, wild ginger

Seventh: Bitter root custard, caramel, orange

Eighth: Parsnip, vanilla, grapes, candy nuts

If you're looking for a meal you won't forget in a beautiful setting, you can't get much better than this. Into this package, you also get stunning redwood forests, a rocky coast with sea stacks and sea mammals, and undammed rivers for fishing, kayaking, and swimming. How could you possibly go wrong?

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